Greenland Rolling combo

Greenland Rolling, part 1 & 2

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2 DVD – 124 mn + 147 mn
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Buy the 2 dvds "Greenland Rolling Part 1" et Greenland Rolling Part 2" together and save money.

While Maligiaq demonstrates the 35 techniques that are required in the competition, Dubside describes the fine points of the skills being performed.

Techniques are :

  • part 1 : Side Scull ,Balance Brace, Butterfly Roll, Standard Roll, Shotgun Roll, Norsaq Layback Roll, Storm Roll, Chest Scull, Reverse Sweep Roll, Elbow Crook Roll, Neck Roll, Reverse Neck Roll, Cross Arm Roll, Hand Layback Roll, Fist Layback Roll et le Brick Layback Roll.
  • part 2 : Layback Sculling Roll, Front Deck Sculling Roll, Back Deck Sculling Roll, Vertical Sculling Roll, Hull Sculling Roll, Spine roll, Behind The Back Roll, Hunting Float Roll, Speed Storm Rolls, Speed Standard Rolls, Norsaq Roll Front To Front, Norsaq Roll Back To Front, Hand Roll Front To Front, Hand Roll Back To Front, Fist Roll Front To Front, Fist Roll Back To Front, Brick Roll Front To Front, Brick Roll Back To Front, Elbow Roll, Straight Jacket Roll, Upside Down Paddling et le Walrus Pull.

In addition they have included four bonus chapters :

  • Learning to roll (a very successful learning progression for your first roll),
  • Euro Paddle Transition (for paddlers who have a roll who move into Greenland rolling techniques),
  • Multiple Rolling Views (uncut footage of the rolls from different camera angles),
  • Greenlandic Glossary (audio & written list of rolls and Greenlandic terms).
  • Sea
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Sea - Techniques