Outrigger Canoeing the art and skill of steering

Outrigger Canoeing the art and skill of steering

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This book is the result of over ten years of research and a collection of contributions made directly and indirectly from some of the finest steerers throughout the Pacific.

Its contents are designed to assist not only beginning steerers, but also coaches and more advanced steerers, in furthering their skill and knowledge as part of KanuClulture’s ongoing commitment, to promote and develop the sport of outrigger canoeing. Ultimately is not a manual just for the steerer, but for seats 1, 2 and 5 and for any paddler who wishes th further their knowledge of outrigger canoeing in a variety of situations and conditions.

This second fully revised edition has been redesigned with more images, an eaiser to read layout and now includes a chapter on the Rudderless Va’a Hoe.

  • Sea
  • Quiet water
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Sea - Va’a, single-oar sculling, SUP