Construire la Lucyole 410
Lucyole 410 vue de dessus
Lucyole 410
Lucyole 410 à l'aviron
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Construction de la Lucyole 410

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Notice A4 54 pages + 10 plans échelle 1
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'How-to' book and plans to build a wooden rowing or sailing canoe.

Inspired by classic lines, she is a cousin of the skiffs of the Marne, the boats of Annecy or Bourget, Breton boats, skiffs of the Thames, the Irish curraghs, but she is especially inspired by heirs of all these European boats: famous "Whitehalls", boats of harbour traffic of New England (New York, Boston, XIXth century) so successful that they became rowing or sailing regatta boats in the hands of the first American sailors.

These boats excel of course at the rowing, with their hull in shape, fine entrances of water and a casting defers cleared well under an elegant shape in heart, and they show themselves particularly comfortable in the lap, thanks to a very flared and voluminous front over the flotation, the characteristic of Whitehalls.
The installation of a balanced lug sail with swivelling drift is planned optional, as in the past. They can also receive a small motorization, until 4 cv, although a lower or more electric model is amply enough.

From all the imaginated and prototyped Lucyole, only the plans of Lucyole 410 have been ended and are available.

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