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DVD - 65 mn
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French, English

In-Flux is David Arnaud’s second movie. It retraces two years of travels and adventures around the planet, covering a wide array of kayaking disciplines on four continents. Even if some of the finest paddlers out there took part in the filming, they left their ego aside to really focus on the main character of this movie : the river...

  • Experience steep and impressive creeking in the Italian Alps
  • Watch expedition paddling at its best in remote Siberia
  • Behold mysterious and enchanting Moroccan rivers
  • Marvel at gravity defying aerial paddling on France’s mighty "Hawaii sur Rhone" wave
  • Encounter exotic backdrops on the rivers and volcanic canyons of Reunion Island
  • Ride on Montreal’s infamous Lachine waves and St John’s natural gem, Reversing Falls
  • Witness the power and steepness of Norway’s rivers

*European Paddling Film Festival (Germany) : First Prize
*National Paddling Film Festival (USA) : Best Movie / Best Overall
*Wet West Film Festival (NZ) :: Adrenaline Award
*Festival Explorimages (Nice) : Grand Prix Sport Nature
*Official Selection : Festival des Diablerets (Suisse), Festival Aventure et Découverte (Val d’Isère)...

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