Outrigger Canoeing a Paddler’s Guide

Outrigger Canoeing a Paddler’s Guide

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15x21 cm - 418 pages
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This book takes you on a journey back in time up to the present day and considers contentious and sensitive cultural issues, while comprehensively covering most facets of the sport.

Whether you have a passing interest, are just starting out, or are a dedicated lifestyle paddler, you will find something to inspire or make you think about this sport in ways you may not have previously considered. Unlike other publications on the subject, the author seeks to present some conventional notions in a different light, with compelling viewpoints from such areas as the islands of Tahiti and Hawai’i, where the sport is of national and cultural importance.

In short, this is one of the most comprehensive, contemporary books available on the noble sport of outrigger canoeing, a valuable addition to a paddler’s library and a classic body of work.

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  • peoples of va’a (or wa’a)
  • designs
  • paddles
  • techniques and strokes
  • etc
  • Sea
  • Quiet water
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