This is the Sea 5

This is the Sea 5

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DVD - 240 mn
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English with subtitles in French

3 hours video, 8 films :

  • We kayak from London to France and Russia to Japan with Sarah Outen on her round the world mission.
  • Harry Whelan surfs ferry wakes on a morning training run on London’s Thames river.
  • Justine Curgenven deals with torrential rain on a circumnavigation of Sardinia.
  • 12 times world surf ski champion Oscar Chalupsky & 4 times Olympic medalist Greg Barton surf downwind in Spain & Hawaii.
  • Paul Kuthe carves it up in Wales and shares some tips on how to get the perfect surf ride.
  • An international group of kayakers explore active volcanoes & warm waters in Sicily’s Aeolian islands.
  • A British couple battle shipping delays, tendonitis, a stolen kayak and incessant winds in their bid to be the first people to sea kayak 1000 miles round the remote Patagonia island of Tierra del Fuego.

Locations : Russia. Japan. Sardinia. Sicily. Patagonia (Tierra del Fuego/ Argentina & Chile). Spain. London. Wales.

Starring : Sarah Outen. Justine Curgenven. Paul Kuthe. Oscar Chalupsky. Greg Barton. Harry Whelan. Barry Shaw. Francesco Petralia. Cheri Perry. Turner Wilson.

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